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Monday, March 22, 2010

Skyla (Moo Moo from Lucy's last litter) stayover at our house...

Lucy had her daughter here for the weekend...  We baby sat her...  It's been a weekend full of activity and non-stop playing for Lucy and Skyla.  It's funny to watch them together--they are such mirror images of one another...  It seems Skyla knew exactly where she was from day one... No whining or whimpering because she was not at home...  She took to the group as if she had never really left.  Love to see that.  It's been fun to see them going and going.  Funny how they seem to remember (have a memory) about their mothers and previous home...  :)

Boogie has been vying for Skyla's attention to no avail-Lucy won in that department...

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