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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daisy will be a momma for the first time... Maybe today???

Daisy, which is due on the 19th official 63rd day of gestation, had a really uncomfortable and rough time last night.  I am hoping, if she whelps, that it will be during working hours, incase I need to rush her over to the vet.  If it happens after 6pm, I always run the risk of having to take her to the emergency Vet Clinic, which doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that people out there breed... They just make you feel so belittled by the time you hand the dog over to them--but, hey they have no qualms about charging you double and a half and then taking that credit card number from you!  But, yes, have to say--I don't want to have to go the Emer. Vet with her...  So, please send your positive thoughts her way--so, that is not the case.  It's is just that you really never know.  And when it comes to the smaller chis (like Daisy) it can be a gamble.  So, we shall see... 

One of the reasons I am not so hung up on "Oh, will he/she weigh more than 4 lbs. as an adult?" is the very fact that the little ones have such a hard time when it comes to whelping (labor)... So, what does that indicate to me? ---Mother Nature knew very well that and intended the for the Chihuahua to be small, but not that small...  So, many of the Chi lines out there modifying the specifics of the naturally intended bone/frame structure of the Chihuahua are just playing with fire...  Not to mention that genetically speaking, the Tea Cup Chi, is just not fit for a long life--the great majority of the teeny ones end up dying by age 6.  Chihuahuas are meant to live anywhere from 14 to 20 years... 

Again, here we will be-waiting and seeing what Daisy produces and how well she will get through the whelping of her babies...  Wish us luck!

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