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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bella & Lexi are flourishing...

I weighed the puppies today, just to keep track of their growth and to make sure they continue to grow(although just by looking at them it can't be denied!)...  So, Bella (Daisy's look alike) weighed in 7.3 oz. and Lexi (Ashy Blue one) weighed in at 9.0 oz. on the mark! Have to say that I feel really good about the both of them, at this point.  I am not even worrying about Lexi anymore...  To me, she is out of the woods and is continuing to grow normally and healthy...  Lexi, I know at this moment, has taken a strong hold on me--and will most certainly be very hard to let go of when it comes time to it... 

Eventhough, they are growing heavily and steadily--I know that they will be small in frame and weight.  Frostee has consistenly proven himself as siring small dogs--no doubt.  So, the weight charts, for now, are for my peace of mind.  They are not indicators of any true adult weight--which so many out there have a fixation on...  They are happily chugging down their mother's very FATTY milk and therefore, the charts cannot be used accurately at this point.  My best assessment of a puppy's true adult size is at around 5 months of age.  By that point, they have been weaned from mommy's milk for a long while and the newer and leaner puppy food is assimilating in their system.  So, their growth declines and becomes more evenly spread out....  Mom's Milk is the Super Formula for all mammals...  No doubt about it!

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Chaunalee Warner said...

I love the color of their coats!!