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Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue girl is sooo much better--like new... Let's hope...

Well there is always one little one that will surprise you in any given litter...  This litter it happens to be our sandy blue girl, which was born last.  She was put through the ringer by being head out (only head) for the longest time.  Daisy, it seemed, was not going to be able to push her out.  I actually had to insert my pointer finger (with surgical gloves on and lots of KY) in her vaginal canal to try to shift the puppy's position.  It worked and out she came. But, for a while we weren't sure if the puppy or even Daisy would live through it all...  Very scary and draining for all of us. 

But, low and behold--Blue Girl has come back with a vengence!  Each and everytime you look at Daisy, she is latched on and suckling away with vigor!  Such a relief.  But, I cannot say that she is completely out of the woods until she turns that two week mark.  And again, I ask, you send your positive thoughts her way... 

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