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I was school taught for grooming at FIAA, in Winter Park. I have worked at both large corporate grooming salons and small independent ones. Love this profession! I consider myself talented and gentle and love all the pets that come through my door... I have excellent references.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It has been an exhausting day! Puppies running and playing--and not always making it to the newspaper ! However, they are pretty good--but in their eyes the house is a mansion--you know??? Anyway, Lucy is REALLY tired of nursing them. They are down to a suckle or two a day. Shots are coming soon--not looking forward to that experience for them ...

Nini's puppies just opened their eyes! They are growing so fast too... So, all in all, there is still lots of puppy breath and kisses around here--it's really kind of nice =)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flu Days & lots of puppies

Puppies don't know or care that you're sick!!!! They still want to chew aching joints & fingers--there is no discrimination here... Lucy is trying to not give them any milk--but they sneak a little here and there anyway... Adriana, our two year old, has mastered the one arm carry with the puppies and I have to say, she looks as if she has done it all her life! She is the pee pee & poo poo Patrol around the house--at this point it's still so small it doesn't bother me.

These little blue demons are running, playing, wrestling then collapsing and falling into a deep coma... Their energy will be missed...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Blog Entry!

So, now I am about to enter the world of blogging! Hello 2009-huh? Anyway, we have all been struggling with a nasty flu and tiny chis running around needing our love and attention... Not easy... Lucy and Chico's pups turned 7 weeks this past Mon and the thought of them going to their new homes is looming =( As much as I love finding good families for them, it also makes me teary to know they will be out of our lives sooner than later... I hope that when I die the first thing I see when crossing over are all the little ones we have had and loved!