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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chili came to visit us today!

Trang W/ Chili

Today ended on such a nice note...  Chili from Nini & Chico's litter DOB 8/11/08 came to visit us, with his sister/companion (not from ChihuahuaCrazy).  It was great to see HIM and his owners again...  Chili had been groomed recently, by Marty's mother's groomer.  So, his fur was quite short.  Would have been nice to see him in all his fluff and glory...  His tail is really full, even when short...  

We set up an umbrella and toys in the backyard for them to romp around with...  But, they had much more fun romping around with each other!  We had a nice long visit--caught up on our lives.  Trang wanted to walk away with Diego in her purse--haha.  It was all good.  :) They can't wait for Lucy to have more blues...
             Marty w/ Chili

                                                                        Carlos w/ Chili

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