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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daisy and the daily grind...

Daisy is trying her hardest and best to adjust to the neverending cycle of nursing and caring for her puppies...  Remember those days?--you human mothers out there...  Where we would deny ourselves the simple necessities of life like brushing our teeth, enjoying a full meal or taking a bath?  I do...  But, such is life and the role of a mother. 

Daisy is especially weary at night--lucky me, since she sleeps right below me next to my side of the bed...  So, I have had to confine her and the puppies to a closed crate which she cannot escape.  Sounds horrible, but she will have these little freaky stints of trying to get on my bed or of hiding under the bed during the loud calls and crys of her puppies.  As my memory recalls, I think Nini went through the same thing during her first two litters...  Not fun for anyone involved...  Hearing the puppies cry for her is the worst part of it all...  So, incarceration is the only solution, at this point.  I of course make sure all her needs are met before she is put in the closed crate--such as potty time, food/water... Which can be quite fun at 2am in the morning, which is when she seems to be going a bit stir crazy... 

Yet, happy to say, that besides this little glitch in the chain of Mothering, she is doing very well with them.  They have grown, in my eyes.  Both are exuding healthiness, lots of movement and much shine to their coats.  I am guessing they will both be longcoated.  Two longcoated parents can produce smoothcoated(shortcoated) babies--it all depends on what they carry in their lineage... And vice versa...

The circle of life--especially the beginning of life--is such a beautiful facet of living... Happy to be experiencing it with her...   :)

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