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I was school taught for grooming at FIAA, in Winter Park. I have worked at both large corporate grooming salons and small independent ones. Love this profession! I consider myself talented and gentle and love all the pets that come through my door... I have excellent references.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back From the Keys...

So, we are back from Key Largo (Tavernier)... Blah... But, yes we did have to get back to reality... Lucy and Daisy were the lucky ones to go this time around--well, I can't take them all you know! First, there is no fence around the property=going out into the street, if they choose, Second, it's a single wide trailer with two bedrooms and one bath... So, pack of chihuahuas--not gonna work there... Lucy, snuck over to the neighbor and investigated their boat ramp and went sliding right into the water a second later--it was too funny. Her paw skid marks were a good 5 feet in length until she hit the water where she didn't reach anymore. Hence, she comes out soaking wet from head to toe--happy as can be, nevertheless. Daisy was content just sitting in the sun - working on her tan. Neither was too explorative, as far as going out to explore the street or other neighbors--nice relaxing time was what we had--good sun, warm water, good food, good beer...

As nice as it is to be in paradise with the sunsets, water, fish, manatees, etc... I would not switch what I have for that--ever... I love my chis, my horses (which I missed tremendously) our home, our yard, our life.............................................. :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hot, hot, hot summer...

Phew, the heat has gotten to us all! Nini has finally come out of her heat cycle--TG! My mom had to take her this last week, after being with Charlotte for a good almost 3 weeks--it was never ending... But she needed the break soooo badly---believe me I know (this coming from mom who had 3 consecutive pregnancies!).

Our horses Lacy and Taja are sweating out in the dog area for now--until their pasture is graded and finished. The dogs like to bark at them from the pool area, while Lacy looks at the pool and thinks, "That water looks awfully cool..." It's funny having all these amazing animals--really puts the world into a different perspective for me... I think if more of us took a cue from the way these animals act and live--the world would be a much better place...

So, we are headed to the Keys, finally, a week or so late. Lucy, Daisy and Chiqui (my mom's 15 yr old Corgie mix) are headed down with us. Lots of swimming for us to get out of this heat.

Stay cool and hydrated!