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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blanca left today... :(

So, now it's really down to the wire...  Blanca left us bright and early to her new home accompanied by her brother, Australian Shepherd Minnie (yes, minnie!--obviously not as small as a chi, but small for an A.S.). 

And, now--LOBO is all alone.  He looked for her over and over again throughout the span of the morning.  It was heart wrenching to watch... He will not leave us until the 2nd of April. 

Blanquita woke up with me and received a warm yummy bath this morning (not so yummy, though, in her mind).  But, nonetheless, she was smelling fragrant and looking as bright as the sun when I was done with her...  Momma Nini sensed something was going down--she was extra watchful of Blanca and Lobo this morning.  Funny how they have that 6th sense. 

So, when Alex came knocking on the door--all hell broke loose in the barking dept...  But, Nini, above all, managed to settle quickly.  I, of course, had to shed my tears before I was able to hand her completely over.  It never changes with me; guess it never will...  My husband, Carlos, just does not get it.  He kind of apologizes on my behalf to whichever new owner is sitting across from me, at the time.  I guess all the stress of getting the house ready for sale and the thought of uprooting our family--dogs and horses included--just has me a bit over stressed lately...  Each departure of everyone of my pups, lately, has been extra heartfelt...  But, heck--I don't care nor am I embarassed--I am, as they say, pretty much an "open book."

Life is still good and is even better for Blanca's new owner, at least for today...  :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my poor baby Lobo :( !!! I'm crying just reading that he was looking all over for her!!! I'm hoping these two weeks are the fastest two weeks ever bc we can't wait to pick him up!!! Ttys Terry