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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vida still has vida...

Vida, it seems, will either be the world's tiniest Chihuahua, at only 4.5 oz going on 14 days of life or will pass soon...  But, I think this little girl doesn't know the meaning of soon--so, we shall see...  She is now on Goat's milk and seems to like it a bit better--although she is not enthusiastic about any kind of milk at this point... This is hard--it is taking a toll ; still trying to decipher what it is I am supposed to learn from this endless lesson. 

She is nearly opening her eyes, when she is a bit more alert and not sluggish.  Lethargic is what she is most of the time.  She would have been quite furry and full coated--she already is more so than the others of which I think will be longcoats...  I am still on vigil with her--although exhaustion tends to get the best of me in the wee hours of the night... I try to sleep as lightly as I can.  Have to say, if this is what having little teeny chis is like-- I am not looking forward to Daisy's litter....  =(


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!! You are an incredible person and a fabulous Chi breeder. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself. Daisy's litter will be fantastic- you deserve it. Thank you for all the effort you put in with your wonderful little pups, we love them dearly.

Heather said...

Sweet sweet Vida - she surely is a gift from above! You are doing a great job with this little one. I know it is taking a lot out of you but even if you can't see the reason why now, someday I'm sure it will be clear!

I'm sure Daisy's pups will be gorgeous & hopefully healthy! I can not wait to see her pups. I wish we were in a position for another - I'd probably snatch one up! :o)

Keep up with the miracle work with Vida...we will continue to think of you & she!

Nadine said...

I've been following Vida's progress and am thankful that she has made it through the weekend. I'm still rooting for her and praying that she makes it! You've been taking such good care of her and really fighting for her, keep it up!