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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Heat is On!!!!

So, Daisy which I thought would just skip this heat altogether is finally showing signs being in heat--bleeding, flagging and being very promiscuous with the males in the house.  She really wants Boogie to be a MAN--but, poor Boogie, as bad as he wants to please her, he just can't manage to at almost 6 mths of age...  His time will come... 

The next best thing is a friend's male, Nacho, who lives nearby...  He is a red on white with Irish markings and a teeny bit smaller than Daisy.  I think they will make beautiful puppies...  Daisy is now at Charlotte's house.  Charlotte lives next to Jessie (Nacho's owner) and Nacho and will be supervising the Tango between the two...  So far, so good.  Looks like Daisy approves of her partner and "daddy to be" to her puppies.  I imagine she will be having her pups sometime in mid March if all goes well...

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