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Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on Nini and her puppies...

Happy to report that Nini and her puppies are doing phenomenal...  She has what I call "Nini's SuperMilk."  So, they are growing into little pudgers as I type.  I am thinking of keeping Maya, the chocolate spotted on white with tan points.  She is all daddy in the muzzle and face.  Nini will be retired as of this last breeding-she is already 5 and has been a super producer... 

Have had many people seriously interested in little Maya, as far away as the great state of Washington in the NW corner of our country.  So, I have to make a decision very quickly about whether she will stay with us or not. 

Pancho, I am happy to say, found a GREAT home with a retired couple that lives in Vero Beach, FL, directly across from the beach...  He will have the smell of the ocean breeze, birds, sand, people and other dogs--he is a lucky little one...  He did great his first night there. 

All in all, I am feeling upbeat.  I have been very fortunate, no matter what... Life is good.   =)


Lee said...

OHH! Maya is beautiful!

Ian said...

Maya looks like she's going to grow into a beautiful chi. Can really see your dilemma! :)