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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blanca has found a great home...

I am so fortunate to say that Blanca has found a fabulous home with two musicians from the Orlando Philharmonic, (Alex is a cellist & her husband a violinist), and 3 other doggie siblings...  We have had such an interesting array of people join us here at ChihuahuaCrazy (by joining, I mean becoming a part of our family).  From Marines/Air Force, to Air Tower Controllers, to Dentists, to Accountants, to Hairstylists, to Stay at Home Mothers (go moms!) to Educators to future Chiropractors and the list goes on...  If you choose one of our puppies, then in my mind, you have joined our family--because our puppies never truly leave us...  OK, so you are thinking, at this point, "Psycho ChihuahuaCrazy lady breeder." 
Take it easy... It's just the spiritual side of me talking (don't freak out!)  

We are hoping that we will get to see Blanca in the future for puppy playdates...  So, Diego, is still needing to find that special home.  Maybe you know of someone who would love our "Peachy King?"

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