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Friday, February 5, 2010

Picture Crazy...

At about this point in time, when they start to walk around and can see/hear, I go bezerk with the photos!  I can never just get one good one--it ends up being more like a hundred and something by the time I am done... A bit of OCD, I guess.  But, they are just so CUTE and each one's personality starts to show at this time...  What to do with all these pics--can't put them on the website or it will take over an hour to load when you log on.  So, I will just have to share them with the world--quite alright with me--always like to show off my bunch. 

If I could only show--if only.  I know that we have produced several show quality pups here at ChihuahuaCrazy.com ...  And it's funny to see what some breeders out there, which have been in the show circuit for quite some time can actually get for their puppies.  Sometimes I look at a certain one from one of the big names, and think, "My xyz... puppy is just as well put together and as beautiful as that one!" Or, maybe in my arrogance?,  I think, "My --- puppy is prettier than that one!"

This breeding world is a dog eat dog world.  Some tough cookie breeders exist out there that think they are "the last COKE in the dessert."  And I get that they have worked hard at establishing themselves up to now...  But, one thing I do not want to ever become is, "I am too good for you to even consider having one of my puppies...Snot, snot (nose in the air)."  Met quite a few in this business which think they have to keep their practices under lock and key...  All I can say is, you never know when a small time breeder will come and knock you off your high pedestal...

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Lee said...

OHH! Oh! OH my goodness! How adorable!! :)