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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pancho's new home is his old home...

Pancho, who I thought would be very hard to place after coming back to me for a second time, has found his way back to his original owners.  They just happened to get him at the wrong time at that point in their lives.  They are a wonderful young couple who is originally from Wisconsin.  But, Pancho was picked up by them the very same weekend they had just moved here---too much; too soon; too overwhelming, and understandably so.  Neither of us had any hard feelings, it was just not meant to be... 

But, they continued to check my website throughout the weeks because they missed Pancho.  And when he was back here again for the second time--they knew it was meant to be.  That is, that he was meant to go home with them for good.  I am so glad, mainly because he has them that love him and care for him. 

He will go through some puppy training, I am sure, which will be great for him and them.  Every new dog owner should learn the basics of dog training--it benefits both sides. 

Life can be funny.  In this case it's not only funny, but LIFE IS GOOD...

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