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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Graduating to the BIG POOL...

It has been a couple of days, at least, since Nini's litter was moved to the bigger pool.  I have two sizes.  One is very small, for when they are just newborn until about 3 and a half or 4 weeks of age. At that point, they start to get their legs--or become better at walking and getting around...  So, they need more space to practice their large motor skills (as we teachers like to call it) which is basically walking, running, jumping--the use of all their large muscles for movement. 

And, when they do get into the big pool, potty training starts on the newspaper.  There is enough room for a folded comforter/pillow where they can cleanly lay with mom and siblings and for newspaper on the rest of the space.  Now is also the time they start to be introduced to their dry food (Biljac Puppy) in our case and their water bowl; lots to experience. 

When they first enter the pool, you can see the overwhelming look in their eyes.  They are a bit intimidated at first by this bigger new world of theirs...  But, in a matter of a day, they are exploring, running, tumbling off the comforter and smelling their food and water.  They also begin to get the jist of coming off of their comforter, which is nice, warm and clean, to go potty on the newspaper.  They become very good at using the newspaper in no time.  From that point on, they associate the newspaper with going to the bathroom.  It's that simple. 

Still cannot believe how fast time has past--they have grown so fast!  =(

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