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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lucy and her big belly

So, Lucy is growing, growing, growing--and I am wondering, "Okay, how many are in there?!" It's a bit frightening to see her uncomfortable at this point in time when her actual due date is the 20th of Oct. I kinda of feel she isn't going to make it to the 20th. She happens to be a big chi- not huge, just a good size for breeding, you could say. So, that comforts me a bit. I remember Nini's first litter--she was huge-ginormous, monstrous--and out came 5. Nini is a bit smaller in frame than Lucy.

Canela and Romeo are doing well. Although, I would like to see him nibble on the dry food a bit more--he is being spoiled by momma's milk for now--and although, I know, it is best for him, I want to see him be more independent of her, that aspect. Canela is being great at night for him, though--when at this point she really doesn't even need to nurse him anymore--all of his teeth are in. But, she chugs away in her duty to him.

My mom recently moved into our home with us. And, she is a great help-great mother that I would do anything for, as she has done all her life for my brother and me. But, along with her came two more chis and a 16 yr old Corgie mix, which is half blind and almost completely deaf. Little fingers are barely making it out of her mouth, some days. It can get a bit overwhelming most days. Don't even mention the doorbell ringing!!! Crazy!!! But, we are who we are and we love our family--meaning humans and animals alike--couldn't have it any other way...

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