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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sleepy Hot days (daze)

So, it has been very hot in Central Florida this year. With little rain, it seems even hotter. The dogs all got a buzz cut, thanks to my new clippers (which weren't cheap, but very worth the $). Chico, of course, looks nothing like himself because he is chocolate tipped-meaning only the ends of his body hairs are colored chocolate the bottom half is silver/white. So, when he is buzzed he looks like a Freaky Freak... =)

The baby boys are doing really well. Playing hard and sleeping hard. Not to mention peeing and pooing bigger each day! But, they are beginning to really dig the wet food, not the dry yet (teeth have not fully come in). Eventhough, they still think Momma's milk is #1... Can't get enough of it. Canela is being fed throughout the day, so she can maintain her sugar level and energy up, in order to better produce milk and not feel so exhausted. She is as fat as ever-if you can believe that... She continues to be a GREAT mommy. I am not looking forward to the day, which will be soon, when the two boys which belong to floridachi.com (BB & Chico's litter), have to go... But, hey they deserve to be there and I know Karen is dying to have them there...

Lucy is tired and getting bigger. She is already showing. To those out there that are thinking, "How could you have let her get prego again," well, there is some literature out there that suggests that two consecutive pregnancies are better for the uterus in preparation for future pregnancies, in the case of dog. We shall see. Up to now, all is well. She is a bit sicker to her stomach, (repugniated) not vomitting. We are looking forward to her pups and seeing what she has this time--will they all be BLUES again??? Oct 20th is her due date.

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