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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Horses gone to the dogs

Man have we been working hard here! Clearing land of all things--I have to say--if you can hire a professional to do it--it's worth the $!!! My husband, Carlos, and I have been stump grinding-no less than 26 stumps, tilling, cutting trees and limbs, and clearing out vines. I am exhausted! All this so that the horses can get into their new pasture. Well their pasture, now, is the run that used to belong to the dogs...

Poor chis, they have to settle for a much smaller piece of yard to do their thing nowadays. The grass that once covered their run has been eaten and trampled by the hooves of our mares that each weigh around 1000 lbs... But, it seems the end is getting close and the pasture will be done soon- I hope...

So, the chis will have their yard back and the horses will have a bigger pasture to romp around and eat grass in...

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