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Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, to all those out there that have little ones (puppies)--take extra care to keep your floors free of junk that they can chew & swallow! Lulu & Bingo are finding the tiniest of plastic toys and then pooping out minute hands and feet that belong to some cadaver doll... It hasn't been pretty. The funny thing is they stalk the toys then drag them off to the cave--the hole they've made in the underlining of the sofas--to eat them! Not good on their stomachs or mine after picking up too many poop piles...

Besides that, I am so glad they still have each other to play with--being that Misty and Smokey are gone. Bingo continues to be available--I can't imagine why--he is a cutie & so sweet :-)

Lucy seems to be kicking the bacterial thing she has--finally! Her glands have finally come down to normal size and the chills are disappearing. She loves to go to the barn and pester Lacy, our Paint Mare--Lacy lets her know it's not amusing. But mostly, she loves to chase the geese in synchronicity with Daisy--like a pack of hyenas... The rucus is too funny... It's a zoo and I am lucky to be in it...

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Desperate Mum said...

Can't wait to have those two little fiends at my house for the weekend. My girls are already very excited. Now Chica will have 4 doggies to annoy her... Snickie, Daisy, Bingo and Lulu. Ha ha ha. I have decided I must come to the barn with you and see Daisy and Lucy in action. I bet it is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!