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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucy who???

Well, even I am not perfect... After taking Lucy to the vet yesterday,again, to have her rechecked--still had a fever and chills--I got complicated with the girls and their horse riding lessons and before I knew it the vet had closed and Lucy had to stay overnight! =(
I'm sure she was not happy with me--and neither was I--happy with me that is... I then went ot Charlotte's house to help her decide if Frosty, who belongs to Karen from
was the right match, as a stud, for Chica--who is Chico and Nini's girl from a over a year ago. And he was. I chugged the strongest alcoholic beverage she had and proceeded to numb the feeling of having left Lucy behind...
First thing this morning, you know where I was--picking her up of course! I was telling Jane Ellen, the vet's wife, how bad I felt about not having picked her up--and then we started to exchange stories of times when we've left our kids behind--forgetting them! Funny, it hurts more to leave one of your dogs behind than your human child! Or is that just me??? Anyway, Lucy came home on a different antibiotic and it seems to be doing the job... Let's hope this is the end of whatever she has...

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