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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the puppies after "our" vacation...

"Where are we???"

We have just come back from a family re-union on Miami Beach where we were able to relax in the sun (got too much of it!) with our family--a whole 100 of us!  Ya, a bit overwhelming, but fun nonetheless...  We had to leave the puppies at home with my mother, who happens to live with us--bless her!!! They were in the best of care--although, Lucy missed us a whole lot and made my mother's nights a bit miserable!!!  Otherwise, they are all fine.  It was amazing to see how much they changed over the span of the 5 days.  They look more mature now. 

Lily wondering about the sun...

Today we took them out into the yard for the first time.  It is HOT here in Central FL, to say the least!  They were not too happy about being out there, even though we were in the shade. So, the outing was short lived, but fun for a few minutes.  We were able to take lots of pics and a new video, which I will attach the link to here:

It's unbelievable to think they are going on 5 weeks of age already.  Time has a way of zipping by...  They are now beginning to try wet food--although their food of choice is Momma's yummy milk, hands down.  But, soon they will be forced to eat more of the solid food--nature's intuition and way.  Lucy will need a very long and deserving break after these puppies go.  She is a true Mom and we couldn't see our lives without her...

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Lindsey G said...

They are beautiful, Ana!