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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peeka Boo!

It is day 13 and Lily has beat all her siblings in being the first one to open her eyes!  Not a peek--but, wide open...  They are always a little fuzzy the first week or so.  As time goes by, they become clearer looking and so does their vision...  Everything is pretty much a blurr to in the beginning.  In a week or so, she will be using her vision much more and pegging her brothers and sister for little wrestling matches.  Can't wait for that, it is always so cute and funny to see them go at it... 

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing.  Just yesterday they were looking like little newborn hamsters and now they are so much more agile and mobile.  And boy do they complain when that milk doesn't flow fast enough out of mom's boobies--it's funny, annoying and disconcerting all in one!  They are luscious, nonetheless, and I am enjoying every minute of having them here.  Life is, as always, miraculous to me...

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