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Monday, July 12, 2010

Graduating to the BIG POOL, yet again...

It's BIG POOL time for our latest litter!  They are not convinced of it, just yet.  The expanse is vast, in their eyes.  So, for the first few minutes there was a lot of whining, crying and howling.  Yes, howling just like a Beagle would do chin up to the sky...  Quite interesting.  This litter has turned out to be quite vocal, in comparison to many of our past litters.  Boogie is a talker, just like his mom is...  He is not annoying in the barking sense--doesn't really bark--but, he does, in my opinion, try to mumble or talk certain opinions to humans and other dogs, alike...  He is our special "little man", no doubt.

At this point, which is just a half hour after they were put into the Big Pool, they are all huddled together, for safety and comfort, in a corner of the pool on the comforter.  The texture of the newspaper is new to them, as is the bigger space. They already took a couple of pees on it--yayyyyy!  This way they learn quickly how to pee and poo on newspaper--thus, paper training...  Dry food is also introduced at this point.  Although, they are just beginning to get their milk teeth.  Soon though, mom (Lucy) will decide to let them nurse less and less.  It's incredible how quickly time passes...

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