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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Almost halfway there!

So, the puppies have been doing what they do --which is sleep, nurse, play (for short spurts), pee & poop (of course!) and the cycle repeats itself all over again and again...  Not the most exciting thing, but we are thankful they are complete, healthy and growing beautifully.  Our goal now, and always, is to find the right homes for them...  I feel very blessed in that arena--we have found so many great people to care for our little ones over and over again...  Chihuahuas are so addictive.  I think once you become a Chi owner, there is just no turning back--no other breed will suffice at this point!

They are all showing bits and pieces of their personalities, at this point--we have Lily which is the one who thinks she is in charge of the group with a soft but stern confidence; then there is Pebbles which is just happy to be belly up and in someones arms at any given moment; Scooby is just a jolly, happy go lucky boy with few cares; and lastly, there is Snoopy whose main concern is to find a comfy sleeping spot (he can get quite whiny if he doesn't get accommodated quite fast--but, it's cute to hear how vocal he is...).  They will certainly all change in the coming weeks.  They change quickly and develop into their own individuals.  It will be fun to see what they will turn into in the coming weeks...

Watch our latest video of the pups @:

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