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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Raw Diet for ALL !!!

My dogs and I  have taken a long trip back in time!  Back to the time of our Cave Men ancestors...  Yes, the chis are officially on a raw meaty bone diet, along with cooked veggies and organ meat as a supplement.  Work Wonders Feed Your Animals Raw Meaty Bones, is the book that got me started, thanks to Kristy a past client and owner of Bailey (our Hershey). She started some 6 months ago and claims her dogs are NEW & IMPROVED!!! 

Thanks to Hopkins Meat & Packing in Sanford and Marie, the owner of it, I was able to do this with confidence.  She has a long list of clients who buy from her and will help me in my endeavor to feed my animals the best raw meat available... All it took was 40 lbs. of chicken necks @ $14 a box (and what a BIG box it is !) and some fresh chicken wings, which they were fed today that added another $10 dollars to the bill and off we went.  The amount of raw meat I am talking about is unbelievable--it will be in my freezer and fridge for a LONG time to come...  I still haven't finished rearranging my freezer to fit it all !  Would have been good to have a deep freezer, the kind that is JUST a  FREEZER, in my garage...

Have to say, I was not only skeptical but, afraid too.  All my life I have believed the commericial dog food companies--their food is completely balanced in nutrients and all that dogs need!  Well, guess what--even the finest and most costly of commercial food has not impressed me.  Bouts of diarrhea, vomitting, illness, and obesity all come with the finest of expensive food that claims to be the ultimate for a dog's well being and above all HEALTH...

Chico, who should be short and compact, has become obese over the past few years from all the puppy food he gets to chomp on from us having consecutive litters.  He is the main reason I decided to find an alternative to what I have been feeding them for all their lives...  I can't bear to lose him.  He is on the BIGGEST LOSER diet for his own good. 

Honestly, I know they will all benefit from it.  It just makes sense.  No additives, preservative, by products, fillers, etc... Just pure nature--like it has always been meant to be...  We are the ones, who for whatever reason changed it around...  I am so excited for this new beginning.  I don't care if I sound cooky or eccentric or even crazy.  I LOVE my animals and this is the best thing for them.  All I had to do was watch them this evening chomping on their raw meaty bone--and the "AH HAH" moment was realized for me...
It was like watching a pack of Chihuahuas back in the Aztec era--simply beautiful...

Let me know if this might be an option for your dogs--I would be most obliged to help you get started on what is definetely the "right way of eating" for our dogs... !

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Kz Krew said...

Funny you talking about raw bones, I found some "femur" cow bones at my gro store 2 weeks ago. They cut them into 2 inch pieces and the Krew LOVE'd them!! they cleaned them, but good!!! They got them straight out of the freezer, it was like a major treat for them, and YES their chichi instinct was present! They loved it!! Do you watch the Dog Whisper'r..I have seen him give his pack raw bones and vet tech friends of mine say the cook'd ones will splinter so I gave the raw a try. Jen loaned me Cesar's book "how to raise the perfect dog" very interesting read!
That is cool you are starting your new doggy diet, let me know how it goes!