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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Off topic--horses...

Sorry to go off topic--but, today was phenomenal!!!!  We got a new horse named India.  She is a Tennessee Walker and maybe Quarter Mix?  Anyway, she is 19 yrs. young and soooo sweet...  She was taken in by her previous owner who took a disliking to her....  Wanted to go out with her shotgun and shoot her because in her mind the horse was not worth a penny...  Supposedly, the horse has COPD or chronic Asthma --but, at the same time the horse was put out in a small pasture without a single square of shade to hide under during the hottest hours of the day!!!!  And she is BLACK--for the love of life!!!  The horse was a gift from my good friend and trainer, Lindsey...  We went on a nice long trail ride with India and Taja, Lindsey and I...  So nice to be out in the sunny cold...

So, the chis got to run around in their pasture inspecting the new horse and the not so new ones...  I love that the horse hold no ill feelings toward these little rats running in and around their ankles/hooves...  I love that my dogs get the extra exposure of being with the horses...  Boogie rode on Pearl's  (the baby/6 mths old) back for a few seconds... Didn't have my camera!!!

It's been a good day--anyday with animals is a good day for me...

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