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Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting and then waiting some more...

So, Lucy is still hanging in there--we are down to 4 days only to be in the clear! On the 15th she will have 58 days of gestation, which is the benchmark for lung development in the puppies in utero... She is huge but getting around even jumping on the couch when she has the energy. Her appetite is still nit picky--but, she is eating what she likes (chicken jerky for dogs, cooked steak and chicken that I make her and Milkbone dog biscuits)...

When she sits on a chair and cleans her privates, she looks like a Weeble Wobble from the 70's--remember those? She weebles and wobbles to the point of losing her balance. It's funny to watch.
Three days and counting tomorrow Lucy--hold on...

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