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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucy had her puppies

Yes, Lucy finally gave birth to a beautiful litter of 3 girls and 2 boys. They were born on 10/16/09, but her labor actually started at around 2 pm on the 15th! Man, was it a long wait for them to arrive--the day could not have progressed any slower, it seemed... Her 1st puppy, the white silver spotted female was born at 12:08 am on the 16th. She screamed as it peered it's head through her canal. I had to assist her with her contractions in easing it out. But, all was well. The last puppy, #5 came into the world at 1:52 am.

Weights on them were not taken that night--as you can imagine she and I were exhausted... So, on the evening of the 16th they were weighed and I was sure they had already changed from the moment they were born--a mother's milk--nothing like it in the world! Puppy 1, white with silver spots, weighed in @ 5.8 oz., #2 black boy with white and now tan, weighed in @ 6.2 oz., #3 blue/white and now tan female, weighed in @ 4.5 oz, #4 blue/white and now tan (too) weighed in @ 5.5 oz and finally #5 blue/white and also tan girl weighed in @ 5 oz, exact.

I know what you are thinking, those of you that put a lot of faith on the weight chart--MAN ARE THEY BIG--they will be gigantic chis!!! Well, Lucy's last litter which had 4, were all born at 5 oz. on the nose. I know of Lulu weighing 4.12 lbs. at 9 mths of age and of her brother Tucker (Smokey) who seems to be weighing around the same. So, HA to the chart!

I'm proud of Lucy and her healthy pups... I can't wait to see how they all grow throughout the weeks...


Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

That is wonderful news! So glad Mommy and babies came through it all okay. I totally agree with you that the chart is a bunch of nonsense. Bentley was charting at about 3.0lbs and turned out to be 5.5lbs. I am so excited to watch the puppies grow with you!

Heather said...

Congrats on the new litter! They're all absolutely GORGEOUS! Glad even though it was long, that it went well. I'm also anxious to see how they grow & develop through out the weeks! :o)

Draco and his Mom said...

Your babies are beautiful...I hope we see lots of pictures as they grow...Yay for Lucy, she was a trooper, your little weeble.

Jessie said...

They are all so adorable! I can't wait to see how they turn out :D Good job, mama Lucy!