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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Boyz and Lucy

Well, we visited with the boys- BB & Chico's two. Charlotte hosted so all could have fun. Our little boy, now called Yogi Bear, loved seeing his brothers (milk brothers) again! He remembered them and they all played. It was cool to see how they have all changed throughout the weeks. Kirby, the white with fawn (which you can barely see) is a looker! Blue/green eyes and square like daddy--with the Cowboy look from behind... And, Boom Boom Jr. is teeny!!! He doesn't seem to be growing!!!! OMG, has the porcelain doll look--like he belongs on a commerative Chihuahua plate!

Yogi Bear almost went home with them--cuddled up in their cage at the end with no intention of getting out... But, they had to part and say goodbye until nextime.

Lucy is miserable--and has me miserable... She is wanting to eat only lunch meat, basically. Which has too high of a sodium content for her to have, not to mention nitrates! So, here I am cooking for her like madwoman, and she barely takes a bite of what I make! Hey, I am a really good cook--no dog has ever turned their nose to my cooking.... But, C'est La Vie--and we are just nibbling on what she can throughout all hours of the day, fun fun....

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Draco and his Mom said...

I LOVE the picture of Lucy sitting and resting. The brothers look sweet reunited again. I enjoy seeing Baileys (Hershey) baby picture on here. He has grown into a spectacular dog.