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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lulu is in the air on her way to NM...

So, today, or this morning, was the day for Lulu to go home... We left here at 7 am. She was nervous about the whole thing right from the start---getting her in the car was a challenge--because no one else (dog that is) was accompanying her! So, on our trip over to the airport she vomited on me--carsickness... =(

Then, as they were checking her in she had diarrhea--at that point I was ready to turn around and go back home with her... She was shaking and I was crying and the airport attendant was uncomfortable watching this grown woman cry over a little dog... But, I didn't care--what do they know??? I tried to explain that she had been with us for so long that it hurts badly to part with her--don't know if he understood??? who cares... I prayed on the way home to my grandmothers, who are on the other side (passed away), to keep her safe in the air & on the trip in general... We will miss her soooo much-can't wait to see her updates in the future from her new home. Like I always say, "They may leave our home, but they will never leave our heart."

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Desperate Mum said...

I really felt for you yesterday. I didn't want you to take her to the airport because I knew how upset you would be seeing her in the cage watching you leave. I know that she will always remember you and the love you gave her. You are a wonderful Mummy to your chis.