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Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a Grandma, really Nini & Chico are the Grandparents...

So, Chica, one of my past babies from Nini & Chico had her babies on the 14th! Charlotte, her mom, calls me at 7 am, "ANA, GET OVER HERE NOW!!!!" Let's just say I did... So, when I get to her house, blue boy had been born---at only 2 measly ounces! He looked like Tweety Bird! Big headed and small bodied--the smallest limbs I had ever witnessed... Chica had torn his umbilical cord off way too short--no stub left there... He struggled a bit for a while to breathe correctly. So, we massaged and massaged and extracted fluid from his nose and airway... Finally, after a LONG while, he normalized...

Chica began her contractions again--a girl this time! Black and white, but mostly black. Cute pink toes (which will eventually turn white) and a white blaze on her chest. She was more difficult to get out for Chica. I had to try and help her stretch out a bit more down there and once the head was out--well, the rest followed in an instant... Wow--all we could see was the size difference--she weighed in at a whopping 4.2 oz! More than half as big as Tweety boy...

A few days earlier, Charlotte took Chica in to get her x-rayed and the Doc said he saw only two in there. So, I palpitate Chica, to my expertise--which I consider to be pretty good at this point in my life--and I tell Charlotte I think she is all done. Let's clean up and put her in a warm spot under your bedroom window. We do exactly that. I leave home. Charlotte goes to her computer to spread the good news. She goes back to the room after only a little while at the keyboard and says, "Chica why did you have to lick them and make them all wet! I can't tell which is which now!" Well, now, there were 3! Another girl--but completely black this time--weighing in at another 4.2 oz exactly also! She called me to tell me--and I was dumbfounded... Chica didn't even look like she was carrying one, much less three! I swear I have never seen a female carry so inconspicuously!!!! It's that good breeding stock that she comes from -- you know!

And that is the birthing odyssey of one of my chi kids... I am so proud of her and her pups. Little Tweety man is still very small and has developed a hernia on his belly button. He is a little fighter--not growing as much as the girls--but fighting to stay in this world. I go to see him and the girls everyday. I will not be able to bear to seem him quit---I don't think it will happen--but he on shaky ground right now... So, please direct a positive healing thought his way--he needs all the positive energy he can get right now!

Gotta say--I like having my healthy pudgy babies--this experience has really solidified that for me! It's too scary and painstaking to have the teeny ones... Tweety man, we are all rooting for YOU!!!!

Check out the montage of Chica and her new pups below:


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Desperate Mum said...

You are so kind to say what you did. I screamed down that phone, didn't I???? Of course, a pup was half out at that point.

You were incredible!!! What a friend, to rush over and assist me. Then your expertize. You handled everything so well and with such calm. I felt so much better after you arrived. When you got there I knew everything would be fine.