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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lulu is going home- boo hoo

We have the flight booked for little Lulu and tomorrow she will get her rabies vaccination. Charlotte came over, as she usually does, waking me up at the crack of dawn... and says " WOW she is so little, she has hardly grown!!!" Well, she is going on 17 weeks and I promised Charlotte to get her weighed when she goes for her vaccination.

Nini and my Mom's dogs got a shave. Nini has been loosing fur due to her hormones after her recent pregnancy. I unfortunately nicked her a couple of times and felt awful about it. She is fine now. But she does look fabulous with short hair and a long tail.

I am looking forward to Chica (Chico's Minnie Me) giving birth mid May... We'll see how many she has--she is little, so maybe 2 or 3??? We'll see what she has--the stud was a blue--so it will be interesting. I will be there for the birth--I know Charlotte will be calling me in the wee hours of the morning, if it should happen then, screaming for me to come help!

Our break this summer will be well deserved--we are going to Key Largo (Tavernier), spending some time on the ocean--working on our tan! Taking it easy in Margaritaville for a few weeks. Then, we'll come back home and have a lot of pool time, etc... It will be a LAZY summer--and I am so looking forward to it... :-)

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Desperate Mum said...

Daisy is having so much fun practicing with Sockie at my house!!!! He is worn out, poor boy. Presently he is collapsed on the tile floor. Making "pretend" babies is hard work you know!! I guess it will be a few more days before she is save to come home. She misses you but I am cuddling her and spoiling her rotten.