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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun in the Sun...

Had to come back to reality again after spending a few glorious days in the Keys... We headed down with Lucy & Chico (the lucky ones!) our four daughters, two of their friends, my mom and Carlos (my husband), of course. The drive on Friday night was torturous!!! We ended up leaving at around 9 pm, after all was said and done--it was crazy... So, Carlos took the first leg at driving and then we switched--poor me. I don't know how I stayed awake through the rain and tiredness... But we got there at 3 am or so and the kids having slept through the trip, of course, were up at 9 am and ready to go, go, go!!!! Blahhhh... But, the sunshine and warmness of the water was enough to wash the tiredness away. It was a trip well needed. Chico, of course, had to visit with the neighbors ASAP and get hugs and kisses from everyone he could steal one from... Lucy was attached to me at the hip, not sure of her new surroundings... They both got royal treatment by sleeping in bed with us the whole weekend--not too much sleep with me. Chico had to give me his esthetician licking treatment at the beginning of every sleep session--it became irritating after the first night--all up and down my calves and feet--good exfoliation I guess?

We swam, fished, ate and drank like Margaritaville was going out of style! The manatees came asking for fresh water from the hose. We gave them and took advantage to get in and swim with them--that is always an awesome experience... The girls went tubing many times--but not enough for them, you know... We all have some kind of sunburn and exhaustion this week--but the good kind... If only I could relocate my chis, Lacy (my horse) and family down there--that would be the ultimate life--maybe in my next life...

Can't find my daughter's camera--all the pics are on it! Will post them later...

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