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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zeus and Apollo

The day that Lulu leaves, Bingo re-enters our lives. It was such a life saver that day for me! Leaving Lulu at the airport made my heart break into little pieces--it literally hurt... Then as I am walking out--I am seeing all these people coming into the baggae area with masks on--it was kind of surreal--very weird. I cried most of the day, didn't know it was going to hit me like that--but at 4 months of age, which is when she finally flew home, she had become part of our chi world here at the Gonzalez household... Hard to explain...

But, then Bingo reappeared, and it helped to mend my heart a little that day... He too became a part of us this past week and a half. I spoiled him with all the hugs and kisses I could no longer give Lulu... Needless to say, it was hard to see him go--but the relief is in knowing that he will not only be with his half brother Zeus, but that he will be immensely loved and cared for at his new home... That is the ultimate goal in my chi endeavor... I thank those above that I have prayed to for their help in finding him a GREAT home... Oh, and he will be re-named Apollo, hail to the greek chi gods!

We will be headed off to the Keys soon. Lots of sun, fun and swimming for our chis down there. Although, I cannot take all of them--I wish I could. But in a single wide mobile home--well, it just ain't gonna work... I want to thank my loyal followers for their support and kind words. I wish everyone, all my former babies and their families, the best summer ever!

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Desperate Mum said...

I really enjoyed meeting Bingl's new family. Zeus looks fabulous. WOW. What a gorgeous dog. I know that this family really loves Zeus and will do the same for Bingo (Appollo). What a lucky doggie!!