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Monday, April 26, 2010

Uneventful times, for the most part...

Everything is status quo--no real change or huge news to report on. Lexi and Bella, which will now be Khloe and Lotti--have to get used to calling them those names! are doing great.  They have now come out of their puppy pool and joined the whole family in the family room, with it's TV, traffic of kids, adults and other dogs.  They are now exploring the area and playing with their choice of dog, at an given time...  Lexi (Khloe) is a total fluff ball--she reminds us of a mink coat, with the mink coloring and all!  And little Bella (Lotti) is a little spitfire full of play and fun.  Her coat is not turning out as long as I thought it would be, by this point.  She may just end up a rough coat--short coat with a thicker and bit longer coat--but not quite the true longcoat...  They're going home the weekend of the 14th of May to Cottondale, FL which is on the panhandle of FL.  They will have a Shitzu and a Schnauzer sister and brother waiting for their arrival, as well as a human sister and brother...  The family is very excited...

The only news we do have is that Lucy and Boogie did the deed.  They will be expecting puppies around the 16th of June--give or take a few days.  We are excited to see what that union produces, being that Boogie is a 3.6 lb. adult...  Nini, was not going to be bred again this time--but, with the slip of a door, Chico got her.  I have to decide what to do with that situation.  She is and has always been in excellent health.  Her 5th birthday was this past December.  I will consult with our vet before making the decision to either let her continue with the pregnancy or to have her spayed at this point...  We'll see. 

And so, all is well and normal as usual here at our Zoo. 

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Chaunalee Warner said...

They are beautiful! :)
I like the new look!