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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing like the boys!

The two girls Daisy had will be 4 weeks old on Wed--hard to believe time gets by you at such a fast rate!  But, yeah, they are now moving around so much more.  They tend to be a little unsteady at times.  It's so funny to see them play together, actually grabbing at each other or trying to bite each other's ears, etc... 

Bella, our teeny princess, is not looking to be as longcoated as Lexi.  She may just end up a short long coat, referred to as a rough coat, sometimes.  But, Lexi has the softest coat ever...  It's like cashmere to my touch and is quite long.  They depend on one another for comfort when momma is not in the pool with them.  That is touching to watch. Time is flying and sooner than not, they will be gone.  That is the sad part of this...

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Chaunalee Warner said...

They are adorable!! I love Lexi's coat color!! Just beautiful!!