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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some more fun in the sun--before the rain...

The puppies at nearly 6 weeks of age are getting restless in their big pool enclosure...  I feel for them.  But, if I were to let them run free within the house, we would inevitably have damaged wood floors...  The pees, mainly, that are not spotted until some time later, seeps into the floor and creates spot damage...  So, the system is they stay in the pool, for the most part, but are let out more and more with supervision for short spurts of time--whether it's outside or in the house, itself.  It's a lot of work--hell, I have 4 human daughters that I have to fit in too--ages 12, 11, 9 and 3 !  And trust me the 3 year old, take up twice the time I have to devote to the older ones...  =( 

Some days, I wonder????  Am I doing the right thing--breeding, I mean...  It looms upon me--but, it brings something to my life I have a hard time describing...  It's a sort of fulfillment, pride and joy all mixed into one big ball of emotion...  I get scorned upon by some in the family, who think I have a loose screw up in the noggin--but, you know I am who I am--and I ADORE my animals.  They bring so much unconditional love and admiration to my life--if you are an animal person, you know exactly what I am speaking of... That is all I can say.  I actually feel sorry for those out there that have no empathy toward animals or having animals.  They are missing out on SOOOOO much.  It purifies your soul to have these beautiful creatures of the universe in our every day lives.  Poor souls that are too hardened to experience the love of a pet... 

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