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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Estrous? Daisy is still not in HEAT!

Daisy is STILL not in HEAT!  Her sister, Snickie who belongs to Charlotte at TheTinyChi.com
got hers and is in the process of doing the "Tango."  Last time, their very first heat, they went into heat just a few days apart.  But, now--I have to wonder if it will be in November for Daisy, at all...  =(

I am not an impatient nut--it's just that we are really excited to see HER puppies-we just think she is the BOMB!!!  She was supposed to have been in heat before Nini--and Nini is done and over with her "come and get me" phase... It will be non-stop puppies here--which can be so nice-yet, so tiring because of the cleaning and interrupted sleep.  They are in my room-contained-but, where I can watch them at any given moment.  Oh well, all that is good in life doesn't come easy...

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Lee said...

Hi! I am a in-home Chihuahua breeder as well, and I know what you mean about the whole heat cycle thing! I do NOT think you are an "impatient nut"!!! My female is in heat right now and my male seems to be so slow! I have to keep telling myself that he did it before he'll do it again. :) But it's hard.

I LOVE your puppies! They are absolutely adorable!!