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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fat & Lazy Days...

Lucy is showing tremendously.  She and Boogie have a couple of weeks to go before the big day!  The suspense is too much, at times...  That is the nice thing about Chihuahua unions--they can produce such a grand variety of colors and coats...  Will we get masked ones, blue ones, sable ones, long coated or short coated??? 

She is quite uncomfortable, at the moment, and ravenous!  She would be eating each second of the day if she could!  Have to be careful, overeating and gaining too much weight is not necessarily a good thing...  So, we are keeping her treats down to high protein, low in fat, treats and she is eating her canned food well. 

Nini, on the other hand, is not showing very much.  This makes me think that two things could've happened:  1) Her pregnancy did not take or 2) She was not quite ready, while she did accept, at the very beginning of her mating ritual and so she conceived very late in the process...  She may be as much as a week off, by my calculations.  We'll just have to watch and see...  She did come into heat very quickly after having had her last litter--which is a bit unusual...  This is a different scenario with her this time...  Hoping for the best with her...  After this one--she is off to get spayed.  She has been a phenomenal mother--could not have asked for better...

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Chaunalee Warner said...

Awww! Lucy looks so happy in the last pic of the two!! :)