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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Circle of Life

This past week has been one of much sadness and yet, joy too. It's funny how one can always preceed the other... Like the Ying and Yang...

I do not even have words for what has happened or what is yet to happen... I wish I could go into more detail, but I would like to be respectful to those who have lost and gained this week, including myself and family.

Canela has given birth to one male puppy--very cute... Shaggy our cat of 15 yrs. was euthanized today to end her suffering. As one came into this world, the other left... I have learned some tough lessons this past week... Canela's whelping was one of them last night... She made the mistake of ripping the sack her baby was in from the get go--making it very hard for him to slide through her birth canal. He was also breach, which made things much more difficult. There is a permanent kink in his tail--the battle scar of his passing into this world. But, he is here and doing well. And, boy, is he a squealer and sooo cute at the same time. I am sure tonight I will not get much sleep again--I like to make sure this first week of life they have the best start possible--so, if I have to help him find a teet, I will, at whatever time of the night it may be... I sometimes think I would have better been suited living in a reserve in Africa or South America... It's a zoo here anyway-horses, chihuahuas, cats, fish, and all the ferrel wildlife we aid along at any point in time. Funny world...

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