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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sorry--I am sooo bad at this...

Yes, we have been back for a while now.... And all the doggies are good. I took care of my friend Charlotte's chis, Chica, Snickie and her new boy Pepe Le Pew... We didn't want him to go--he's a teenie little funny boy who was being carried by my girls and myself, of course, all around the house...

Chica--gave me two heart stopping scares in her venture to find her puppies that had left just before coming here to get pet sitted... First, she ran straight out into the street and right under a car that was driving by--I thought I was going to have to pick up her pieces off of the street!!!! Don't know how--but, she came out from underneath the car without a single grease mark on her... Then, as we went out in the back for a little leg stretch and run --I find her running with my neighbors horses in the yard next to us... Mind you, the horses are both close to 800 lbs. each and she is instigating a came of Duck, Duck Goose!!!! I am getting too old to climb and jump over fences in a rush to save animals--luckily, she finally listened and came back through the same hole she had gotten under the fence through...

Nice to feel the peace again of just my dogs, I must say... :-)

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